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1982 W126; 1976 W123
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I bought a brand new Nissens (Made in Denmark) radiator on eBay for my 1976 W123 300D recently (paid Aus$95). The plastic tank on the Behr radiator had split near the upper hose. Anyway, it did not fit because the 300D has an oil cooler on the LHS of the radiator (passenger side here in Australia) and all the lugs didn't align. It could be that this radiator was for the later model w123s which may have had the oil cooler on the other side, or no oil cooler at all.

It would have fitted if I re-plumbed the oil hoses and installed the oil cooler on the RHS (drivers side). Anyway, I did not want to mess around with that and instead bought another reconditioned all-copper radiator and installed that instead. It works like a charm and the temp gauge never moves higher than 85 degC.

Now, I also have a 1982 W126 280SE. I measured it up and it appears to me that this Nissens rad is identical in size with the radiator in my w126, which does not have an oil cooler for the M110 engine. All the lugs seem to line up OK, so I'm considering hanging onto it in case needed one day.

Does anyone know if the late 123 radiators are the same as the 126s?
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