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Are these Euro Headlight wiper motors?

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I removed a pair of Headlight wiper motors from JY to-day off of a 500SEL. THe wiper arms had already gone.

I have the Midnight Blue valences (of course they will need painting)

The headlights were Euro headlights (someone had already removed the glass lenses) and the reflectors were not all that good; I just removed the 6 pin adopters.

The bumpers were Euro bumpers with the front bumper having the washer fluid dispenser holes. The front bumper was damaged; the rear bumper was in good shape.

Here are the part numbers of the wiper motors.

Can anyone confirm if they are Euro wiper motors?


126 820 03 42 (Made in Germany)

126 820 52 42 (Made in Belgium)

May be I will post some pics later.

I forgot to note down the VIN#
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126 820 52 42 (Made in Belgium)

This MADE IN BELGIUM part I have too in my car (I did not know if is the same code) but I remeber it because I was surprized that is not made in Germany!

For that reason I asume that the Belgium part is EURO! :thumbsup:
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