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You will know all about the car before you have it, the "fogs" are inboard of the headlamps. Those are not fog light openings one is for the towing hook, the other I dont recall. I would resync the headlamp wipers,they do not work or wash unless the headlamps are on. Also what is the red paint on the bumper? It appears that someone also put a non standard grille on the car. Zebrano wood was standard on all non "high-line" cars.
Hi Peter, the grille we see in this picture is standard. Someone (a previous owner maybe) has gone and purchased extra chrome strips which glue over the top of the standard non chrome slats on the grill. I have seen these before.
The openings on the bumper cover are the tow eye cover and the temp sensor cover.
You quite rightly state that the front fog lights are integrated in the main lamp cluster hence not in the fender where they are risk of chips and cracking.
I cant beleive that you guys are able to drive around without a front licence plate!! I wish we could do that here.[^]
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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