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Are the automatic A/C buttons backlit on the 82-89 107 SL models?

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Is there a light bulb behind the A/C buttons in the center console that illuminates them?
I've had my car so long I don't remember, and mine does not light up.
It's a 1985 500SL with the full auto Air Conditioning (push buttons), but would be the same for most any US model 380SL or 560SL.
Was wondering if I should take the burl cover off and change the bulb if it does illuminate. I would assume it is supposed to.
Everything else does :)
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Thanks so much!

I hope they don't have to mess with the A/C unit, as it works great.
I'll ask the mechanic about it next service then, 'cause I don't want to break anything!

There's a string of bulbs like christmas tree lights. You or your mechanic needs to be very careful when pulling them out of the unit because the plastic is very old and the holders on the unit itself can break. The bulbs are a little difficult to come by in a regular chain store auto place, the dealer or mail order will have them.
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