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Are the 6.0 M117 SOHC engines a nightmare?

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Read more than one horror story with regards to the 6.0, but think they might be the DOHC version of this engine, not the SOHC... I know that a few people with them lurk here, and am seeking their inputs.
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Definitely an awesome car but the price tag is up there with the 32v's. Does the paint of the bumpers look suspect to anyone? Wood is cracked (But really rare), the rest of the interior is super stock.

I think closer to $20k would be fair? It is a rare bird after all.
^ Ah. I didn't read the description, those would be details worth looking into. Could very well have been done the right way but there is a chance that a stock 5.6 bottom end went in.

That car just really needs to be seen in person.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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