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Are the 6.0 M117 SOHC engines a nightmare?

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Read more than one horror story with regards to the 6.0, but think they might be the DOHC version of this engine, not the SOHC... I know that a few people with them lurk here, and am seeking their inputs.
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I have one (SOHC) and it is.... thunderous

Especially at highway speeds. And no headaches of 32V heads. There's the M119 for that.

It's fun. Get one!
Thinking about it... :)

If it were that easy, I'd already have one.
There is currently one for sale right now in a car I am interested in.

Thinking about a certain 6L TE wagon, the uber-iWrock??

The black 6L TE wagon on eBay looks like it needs alot of love. Poorly photographed and being from the east coast would definitely require a diligent check for rust.
Im currently wavering between a Porsche 911 GT3 (996) and a MB CLK63 Black Series, but this car also interests me. Just a weee bit scurred with regards to the health records I have read on various 6.0s... :D
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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