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1988 560 SEC, '03 Ducati ST4s abs, '68 ZZ430 Camaro
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The only time I've felt like I owned a "black sheep Mercedes" is when I took it to a MBZ dealer to have my broken back window replaced - and not only got gouged, price-wise, their subcontracter glass installers did a substandard job (got sealant all over and bent my antennae). After my protests they replaced the antennae, but I still feel the job was performed poorly.
While it's true I don't produce the income required to purchase a new S550, I feel that (as a gearhead, in love with my SEC) I, excuse me, we W126 faithful are the truest, most pure ambassadors of the marque. My entire family knows of my love affair with my W126 (I joke that if I'm going to dally with a 21 year-old, it might as well be a car). Well, my brothers' wife just went out and bought a, just like my car. They didn't ask me or I would have probably steered them toward a nice E430, but still, my passion for MBZ was not lost on them...can't say the same for Mercedes North America.
I think one of my favorite things is being able to introduce people to the undeniable quality of my "old" car. After 186,000 miles, it's still solid as a bank vault. Recently drove a SL500 R129 and it was remarkable how much it drove like my car. Liked it but wished it were bigger.
1 - 1 of 150 Posts
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