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are all diesels like this....

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after giving my old 300d a healthy bath, i have noticed that the only oil leak on the engine is coming from where the oil filter housing is bolted to the side of the block. it is enough to create a 2" dia. spot on the carport overnite. do all you diesel guys have this problem? is it easily fixed? IE is that unit hard to take off and apply a new gasket?
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There are several common oil leak sources on these 617 series diesels:

1. lower oil pan gasket

2. oil filter housing to block gasket

3. turbo oil tube O-ring leak

4. front crank oil seal

5. valve cover gasket leak - usually corrected when gasket is replaced when valves are adjusted

I have not replaced my leaky oil filter housing gasket yet, but I hear that it is an annoying job. sells the gasket with instructions on how to do it as painlessly as possible. The guy is not cheap but his instructions are usually good and help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls. Worth extra $ 15 IMHO.

Another nuisance is replacing the front crank seal. From what I read, you need some kind of special home made tool for this job, or you will damage the seal during installation.
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