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i know this topic was probably dragged around this forum for many many times, but still:

Friend of mine recently got himself Merc B200 y.2006 (dunno what is the Wxxx label ;)), and today we updated the audio software and mapping software for navigation. Update went trough smoothly the only problem was, on some older versions of 'firmware' or how can I call it, he could access engeneering menus but had problems with dr.dist menu (the # * nav-left thingie), but now with v10 map software installed he cannot even access the engeneering menus (nav + mute + end-call keys). I read somewhere that you are supposed do hold that combination for 45 seconds (which we didn't try yet), and that there are also some other combinations for accessing that menu.

I believe the software version is R9.6.8 but not sure if this is the version # i should be posting :)

was the 'backdoor' support removed with new software, because now our region is covered on navigation maps, but mp3 and dvd playback is still not supported.

any suggestions on that how to enable MP3 playback and maybe DVD video playback... pretty stupid that audio system at that price did not include mp3 playback by default if you ask me.. =\
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