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April Car of the Month- POLL ENDS ON THE 15th APRIL 2009

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Great idea, but comparing stock cars is kinda pointless in my opinion. (and feel free to disagree if you like )

A car that the owner has done nothing but wax, clean and mechanically maintain ( which is i suppose at the age they are becoming, a feat in itself ) isnt really comparing anything. What are you basing your decision on? How shiny the factory stock car is? I think all cars should be inluded in one competition.. mods or not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder i suppose, but theres nothing amazing about a car that is exactly as it was built, aside from preservation of the car. Stock benzs have a regal stature, but unless the owner decides to improve on the basic design, its just a car. Tinting, lowering, modding should all be included in the competion. Its like having a competition to decide on the best artwork, then limiting the competition to unopened tubes of paint. If youre going to award an owner on a non-modded car, you may as well say the winner is Mercedes itself. If an owner spends money and time on customising their loved car, hey shouldnt be excluded. Some hot cars are out there. Perhaps they werent included, because the stock cars wouldnt get a look in. If thats the case, then I understand the segregation. Ah well, thats my 10 cents. I think if you can buy exactly the same car from the factory, theres nothing much to commend, aside from diligence and the engineering of such a beautiful car. I guess you can change the rims etc and change the appearance of the car that way... aside from rims though, not much you can do no? Peace, Hei.

Oh and congrats to the winners, and in fact the contestants, for owning a fine a machine as is the w140. Ill be getting one myself in the next week or so... so ill be joining your ranks soon enough. Hope you all have a great weekend.

PS I voted for NZBenz, purely coz im a kiwi too...
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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