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Appreciation post

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I just wanted to say thank you to forum members for their advice and contributions.
Through this forum not only did I do some jobs that I never thought I'd be able to do but I also realized that I love tinkering and working on my car. I've always liked doing things with my hands but it never crossed my mind that I'd enjoy this as much as I have and being part of this community is a big part of it.

Shout out to @rudeney and @bobterry99 who have advised me a lot as well as @Triple cranks, @kbob999, @Deplore, @Cowiepeters.
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These forums are an invaluable resource. An example I have was when working on a friend's W210 with a transmission issue. He had taken it to a local, trusted indy shop who said it was toast and needed a rebuilt/used transmission. One quick search on Benzworld and I found it was likely just a broken return spring for the main pressure valve. Sure enough, that $5 spring was the culprit, and replacement only required dropping the pan and removing a few small bolts holding its retainer plate on the side of the valve body.
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