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Hey everyone.

My mom has an E500..She is purchasing property 2 miles from her work and doesnt need such an expensive car anymore.

Looking for someone to take over the remainder of the lease.
The car is in near MINT condition. No accidents..
Its GRAY with light tan interior and very light tints. Winter Mats and Mercedes-Benz phone to go with the car. Free maintenance for the remainder of the lease.

2003 Mercedes E500
20 months left on the lease
750 miles/month

I live in Florida but the car is located in NY and I have some pictures available if anyone is interested.
She will also pay the $450 lease transfer fee as an incentive.

So you can get this car without spending a dime and just making the monthly payments.

Any questions you can call me (305)766-4655

My name is Danny
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