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anyone wanna take a look over these?

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i bought some of these today, maybe i should of looked into them before doing so but anyways.

eBay Motors: HID 94-00 W202 C280 C230 BLACK 1PC PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS (item 160238067861 end time May-11-08 17:37:32 PDT)

with 5 prongs for the headlights and 2 for the signals im pretty sure its compatible with my car(again should have confirmed before buying), got too excited but it says 94-0-0 202's so i think i should be okay no?

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i think these ones are exactly the same ones a guy has on his 202 in the picture sticky at the top of the forum, hes like "dokatela" or something, anyways its in the 2nd page and hes in south africa. i think it looks really sharp on his especially with the blacked out grille.
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