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anyone upgraded ml430 lights to 2005 style? questions...

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bought a pair of lights off eBay that are 2005 style for my 2000 ML430.
The guy said they were fresh out of the Mecedes Benz box and when I opened the shipping box they weren't in Mercedes boxes but foam packed.
Here's the questions...

#1 the light fixtures say 'HELLA' brand on the back. Is that who makes Mercedes light fixtures and are these really OEM Mercedes lights? and...

#2 my old original lights are clear coated so they can be cleaned and waxed and withstand some UV rays I suppose (the clearcoat is starting to peel a little bit). Are these 'HELLA' aftermarket light fixtures clearcoated or will they start to cloud eventually like those Dodge minivans you see running around...?
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HELLA makes it for Mercedes ... and they are probably made in mexico too
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