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Some of the inexpensive Brembo rotors on Ebay you see are not "authorized" Brembo performance parts.

Here is original goods

Brembo supplies blank rotors and sells them worldwide. They are just OEM spec rotors. People get them and have someone with a drill press put holes in them and/or slot them. They are not to any specs.

Some factories in China make blank OE rotors and they even copy the Brembo boxes with logos. They get shipped in from overseas, purchased in bulk, and drilled out by 3rd parties. So who knows what you are really buying and where it actually originated from.

With respect to them looking cool, you may as well buy new factory Benz parts from dealership or buy actual real Brembo parts from an authorized Brembo reseller. ( you can see all the applications they provide and part numbers)

From my experience most Brembo OE size performance slotted rotors will cost about $200+ range per pair,

You can go to catalouge and see applications:

Notice a lot of model applications we see on Ebay are not even listed in Brembo catalouge.

Just want to give a heads up for those who may not know. I was a victim of this sham myself before doing some research.
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