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1984 190D 2.2L
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I took mine apart....not too dirty at all. But the needles were all really tight in the nozzle. Kent B's book on final inspection said..."make sure the needle and nozzle are extremely clean" DONE...."Then move the needle in the nozzle so that it moves full 360 with no hangups"....WELL...they were sparkling clean, but I had to use the countertop to PRESS them into chance of freely moving them in the nozzle without needle nose pliers and a vise (which of course I didnt do) I think that this tightness is the source of the knock. I will take them apart and soak in brake cleaner...since there is no tool in kent B's kit to clean the nozzle...maybe it wasn't as clean as I thought they were. He includes a reamer that didn't even touch the sides.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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