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1973 416 Doka, 1978 416 Doka, 1980 416 Doka..... Help me, I can't stop buying them!!!
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I have these weights and rail car coupler that I am going to scrap if no one is interested in them. Pay me scrap price and they are yours! First one fits on the front on the Schmidt front hitch. I don't know the weight, but you can figure it out. It is 2" thick by 23" x 32". The next is the cast steel weight on the rear deck, my guess is over 2k lbs. The last is the Schmidt rail coupler that mounts to the CASE rear deck. The tag states a weight of 1250 lbs. I can put these on a pallet and ship if need be. I plan on getting rid of them before the snow flies, so if you want one or all speak up now.
Thanks, Von


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