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Anyone know where to get the "V6 Kompressor" emblems for the L & R side?

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Re: Anyone know where to get the

Normally, any MB dealer can order it. But a lot of them would refuse your request (if you don't own a real C32) because they want to keep the AMG image very exclusive.<p>

The answer is 'Do u own a C32?'<br> If yes, I cant think of anywhere else to buy except yr MB dealer.<br> If no,why do u want to get a 'V6 Kompressor' emblem IF u dont own a C32? Just to make u 'feel' better? If u got blown away by a Accord on the street with that emblem on, ppl will laugh at u! <p>
Re: Anyone know where to get the

If u want them i have them in stock.<br> Steve C<p>
Re: why?

Well, just had my C320 installed with Kleemann Supercharger. Well yeah,i know it's not up the AMG's power but I will increase some after driving it around in normal boost. Had already AMG body set kit on a month ago so just to complete it.<p>
Re: Anyone know where to get the

Yes,I'm interested. E-mail me the details. Do you have a website where I can purchase them online? Thanks!<p>
Where did you get the Kleemann supercharger?

ive been searching for one for such a long time. i know they have a facility in CO. but they dont have online purchasing. give me some info please.<p>
Re: Anyone know where to get the

Is the supercharger only available for the c320 anything for the c240?<p>
Please post info on supercharger...(power, price, etc.)
There's an article on them in the new Car and Driver
Re: Where did you get the Kleemann supercharger?

Well,got it from the importer here in Japan. The set (inc supercharger & intercooler) cost approx. US$ 14,000 and labour charges cost approx. US$2,000 not including the 5% tax.It takes less than a week for them to install them.Since I was the first customer here to have them installed. Maybe it costs less in the US but if you want I can inquire if they do online puschase. Or some other way. I'll keep you posted.<p>
how much increase in hp and torque does this kit give you??

Re: Where did you get the Kleemann supercharger?

Thanks man, keep us informed!<p>
Re: Anyone know where to get the

There is a distributor in USA that does Kleeman supercharger for C240 and C320. I called him and he told me that he will fly out and install it for me. I live in NJ area, but he has a place in NY. The kit costs between 9,000 and 10,000. Installation is about 1,000 to 1,500 i am not sure. the increase in HP for C240 is about 265HP. Take care.<p>
Re: Anyone know where to get the

This is definitely good news. Any pics of the kit?<p>

I called the distributor in colorado. i found them at anyways he said that the supercharger costs 9k to 10k. a bit pricey but he said i can boost my hp to 330 hp. i have the 3.2 liter 6 cyl 215 hp. what a boost! hey Lenney, im in the NYC area and where is this guy located? any info would help!<p>
Re: Kleemann

He said that he would fly out to NYC and install it here for me. If I will let him use my car as a show for new technicians (to train) he will install it for free!!! Meaning that he needs trained installers in our area that why. So if you want, talk to him and I am sure he will do it.<br> Let me know if you get it.<p>
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