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Anyone know lead time on a 2014 E63 Wagon?

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Thinking of getting an E63 wagon to replace my CTS-V wagon that was t-boned by some drugged up scumbag. The new 4Matic versions weren't out when I bought the CTS-V but the new 2014's look like a really nice option.

Anyone have feedback on lead times for the 2014's E63's? I'm curious about the wagon in particular - I know they are low volume cars, but even feedback on the sedans would probably be useful...thanks!
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I ordered my E63 wagon in July 2013 and my car is at the port waiting for a ship to make the trip to the USA. I ordered the car the first day that the US order bank had allocations. It was supposed to be a January build.
My comment did not relate to the desirability of the car but rather to the ineptitude of the manufacturer at living up to reasonable customer expectations. I have ordered many other cars - PTS Porsche RSs, Astons, and other mind-blowingly desirable cars - all with limited production. EVERY other manufacturer has delivered the car as promised. Among the frustrations is that mine was the FIRST one ordered from a huge, factory owned dealership. As is well known, more than a few E63 Wagons have been delivered, some three or four months ago. Mercedes has a long way to go in providing decent customer service. This from someone with an SL55 and a CLK Black Series.
It really depends on the model and part availability. My Porsche 911 -- which I ordered was supposed to be a April Build but was delayed to a late September build and got the car in late October; I guess the problems are not only restricted to MB as was implied!!

I learned a long time ago when ordering limited production cars is really is there an allocation to the dealer. This is the reason that I got my wagon as promised.
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