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Anyone know lead time on a 2014 E63 Wagon?

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Thinking of getting an E63 wagon to replace my CTS-V wagon that was t-boned by some drugged up scumbag. The new 4Matic versions weren't out when I bought the CTS-V but the new 2014's look like a really nice option.

Anyone have feedback on lead times for the 2014's E63's? I'm curious about the wagon in particular - I know they are low volume cars, but even feedback on the sedans would probably be useful...thanks!
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I ordered mine LAST February from factory owned dealership. Build date August, September, December, now February. ANY other manufacturer is better.
My comment did not relate to the desirability of the car but rather to the ineptitude of the manufacturer at living up to reasonable customer expectations. I have ordered many other cars - PTS Porsche RSs, Astons, and other mind-blowingly desirable cars - all with limited production. EVERY other manufacturer has delivered the car as promised. Among the frustrations is that mine was the FIRST one ordered from a huge, factory owned dealership. As is well known, more than a few E63 Wagons have been delivered, some three or four months ago. Mercedes has a long way to go in providing decent customer service. This from someone with an SL55 and a CLK Black Series.
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