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Anyone know if the C320 has a limited slip differential?

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No. All current production MB's have open diff's. with ASR or 4-ETS
What's that? Basically I want to know if I can do a two wheel burnout or if only one wheel will spin
How about the C32...does it also have an open diff?
No, because ESP takes care of this problem,<br> ie. when one wheel breaks loose, esp will<br> apply brake to this wheel only, effectively<br> transferring power to the other side of<br> car, that's the way diff works.<br> But it's worth to mention that this has side<br> effects as well (ESP most probably will limit<br> engine torque at the same time) which basically<br> prevents *any* wheel burnout.<br> With ESP off (which does not exactly turns it<br> completely off) it is possible to do a two<br> wheel burnout, all you need is a good 'catch'<br> on even surface, plus keeping your steering<br> absolutely straight on startup.<br> no problem with that on my C320T.<br> <br> This ESP/Braking action setup is somewhat less<br> elegant than limited/locking differential and<br> of course not enough for race applications,<br> but it is more than fine for street drivin.<p>
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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