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Harry, I'm not an SLK owner - but I have looked it up on my WIS that covers all models. This is what it shows.

Your fusebox under the hood is divided into:
fuseblock A (F1 - F9)
fuseblock B (F10 - F18)
fuseblock C (F30 - F37)

Fuseblock B comes in 3 designs, one of which is for US models. For the other two:

a) ME-SF1. F14 - F18 are all unused.
b) HFM. F17 and F18 are both unused. F16 is 10A and is used for HFM-SFI engine control module (only 170.435)

HTH [I've no idea what the abbreviations mean, but I expect you will] :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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