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Anyone here try Sacha/Boge on their E55's? B6/B8 Bilsteins too harsh?

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Just picked up an 02 E55. Noticed it rode a bit rough so I threw it on the lift. Has the original AMG shocks with 171k.

Bilstein's website only recommends the B8 Sport shocks for w210 E55, which doesn't make sense to me since the car isn't lowered. Bilstein also has different versions of their B4 shocks (Touring, HD, and Sport) to add to the confusion in regards to the w210. Why not give the B6 HD as an option for the E55 alongside the B8 Sport?

Seeing that Bilstein seems to have made a mess of things, I was wondering if anyone has experience with Sachs/Boge on their stock AMG springs. Only experience I have with Bilstein Sports is on an E36 M3, it was MUCH stiffer.

In respect to Audi/VW, my uncle recommends I stay away from anything B4 since they've had several fail/chew up tires. Hoping someone here has tried the B6, B8, and Sachs.
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Haven't tries the Sachs products on any of my cars... pretty much a Bilstein and Koni guy over the years.

I have Bilstein Sports and H&R springs on my E55 for like 6 years now ... really like the combination but the H&R's have "settled" over the years in the front (only) so I am now about 5/8-3/4" lower in front than I would prefer ... makes for some very slow ingress and egress into certain driveways, etc.

The Bilsteins I have no complaints - just right to my way of thinking. You might look into Koni FSD shocks too... advertised as compliant when cruising around, but aggressive when driving harder.
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