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Anyone help figure this out?

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I purchased my '06 c280 4matic almost 2 months ago and I have had no noises or problems until now. When I turn her on, the engine sounds louder than it ever was before, and it only stays like that for a couple minutes then goes back to normal. It been like this for a few days now. I have no clue as to why it's louder because I have done nothing different except for put 92 octane in when I have consistently filled with 93; but it doesn't make sense that the octane would make a difference. Anyone have a clue as to what going on? Thanks.
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Thanks. :)

I think I am just being paranoid from hearing it once now every noise is a bad one. But I am taking her to the dealer Tuesday anyways to get a diagnostic done.
Yeah, my bf drove my car yesterday and when he got home he said when he started it, he was hearing a popping noise like it was backfiring and a whistling from the engine. I would rather spend 100 bucks to find out its nothing than to be paying so much more if there is a problem. I am mad because I just got this thing not even 2 months ago.
Yeah, that's why I'm bringing it to the dealer. I was told that everything was just replaced and the vehicle was seviced right before I bought it so that is mainly why I am frusterated. They wont give me the service records for my car, keep making excuses and telling me they'll send em to me but I have yet to get them. The carfax doesn't say what was done to the car just that is was serviced so I don't know if it ever had problems. It was a lease before I got it. Someone told me I could find service records online with my vin but they didn't know the website so who knows.
Yeah they suck. :)
Thanks for the info. If I can't get them soon I will try that. :)
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