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Anyone help figure this out?

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I purchased my '06 c280 4matic almost 2 months ago and I have had no noises or problems until now. When I turn her on, the engine sounds louder than it ever was before, and it only stays like that for a couple minutes then goes back to normal. It been like this for a few days now. I have no clue as to why it's louder because I have done nothing different except for put 92 octane in when I have consistently filled with 93; but it doesn't make sense that the octane would make a difference. Anyone have a clue as to what going on? Thanks.
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I complained at the dealer along time ago about the ticking noise. They said that they padded it with something to quiet it down and after that it was a little less noisy. All of our cars make that same noise though.
Are you still under warranty?
Well atleast it is under warranty still. That way every time you bring it in, it won't cost you anything at all. As far as the service records go, I also tried to get them from the dealer. I was told that I could not get them because they do not give out that information.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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