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I recently replaced a Serpentine belt for my 2013 SLK 350 based on the video I found at certain youtube video but I cannot post a link because this is my first post.

It worked perfectly for my 2013 SLK 350. It does not matter whether the engine is for SLK models or other MBZ models with V-6 engines. I posted this at slkworld and the moderator moved my post to "off topic" saying that it does not apply to R172 models simply because the engine in the video was not for SLK models. Huh?!?!?!? Who reads "off-topic" posts?

The key thing about the link I posted is the 3mm Allen Head Wrench tool (starting at 01:50 min frame) used to lock the idle pulley right before inserting new Serpentine belt. This step was a big life saver for me but the slkworld moderator seemed to disagree with me and moved my post to another category where nobody would read it.

slkword banned me for four days thanks to JB Banks simply because I argued with the moderator saying he is wrong and told him to let the viewers decide which method is best. This is in my opinion a big abuse of freedom of the press and I had no intention of abusing anything.

I hope benzworld is more lax than slkwold. If it is then I will post more information about replacing Serpentine belts for 2012 - 2016 (or 2017) SLK V-6 models.

Anyone else have issues with the moderator, JB Banks, at slkworld. I totally agree we need moderators at any kind of forums but I think JB Banks went too far abusing freedom of speech.

Thank you,
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