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[:)] Well it seems my car is deciding to break about everything this week... arggg. Anyways went to put down the sunroof to close it when i hear a VERY LOUD snap and pop.

After getting the roof back up by hand i found that the left (drivers) side sunroof slide (jaw) had completly snapped in half and gernaded! Anyways i went searching all of my local yards for the slides and found a pair, took em off in like 10mins and brought em home.. only to find out that there from an earlier design and won't work.

SOOooooooo does anyone by chance have a drivers side sunroof slide/jaw in good shape - no cracks... for 89 and up tilt and slide sunroof??? The part number is 126 782 11 12

If someone has one laying around and wants to part name the price.

I do appoligize ahead of time if this is not the appropriate fourm to ask this..

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