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Anyone ever dealt with these engine builders...

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I was just searching the web and came across this company for doing Mercedes Benz engines. I wonder just how good their work is. There prices seem to be pretty fair. Does anyone have any information on them? See here:

Any background info on them would be helpful. Thanks.
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Those prices were ridiculous!! A long block for my 300sdl was $7200!!! I am sure I could get a NEW engine for not much more than that!! I have seen them for about $3200 rebuilt so there is now way that is a reasonable price.
You should check for their prices. I remember for a 5.6 V8 their price was under $6000 with one year and unlimited mileage warrantee on. It's just a rebuilt engine without all the pump and what's not tho.
I believe they are the rebuilders that provide sites like performance products and the likes with rebuilt units.
Hi Prochambers,

I came across this listing the other day. I thought I'd pass it along as the description & photos are pretty straightforward, showing ports sealed & seal plugs everywhere, fresh freeze plugs....etc.
Added plus: there is good contact information on the page as well.

An idea...... MBL
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