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im 26 and have 8 cars and a neglected garden tractor -- '82 honda prelude, '86 lincoln continental, '81 orange tercel hatch, '81 2dr tercel, '81 red tercel hatch, '85 4wd tercel wagon, '86 2dr tercel, '83 300sd, and an engine swapped gravely 8122 garden tractor.

Can you tell that I'm into a specific niche of cars? lol. Clapped luxury and econo-sh!t boxes are my jam.

Most at least run and drive enough to move around, though they all need some sort of work done to them. It is a bit much for me, however i keep stumbling into free cars or cars too cheap to pass up that would have otherwise been sent to the scrapper when they still have life left in them. I have a hard time letting cars go that I've dumped a bunch of time into cause a. they still arent worth anything and b. i feel like i put part of my soul into these cars, and dont want to see them go to the wrong person.
A fellow Toyota fan(y)
I tend to buy/sell. '70's- Crown's, Celica's, Corona's, MKII's.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts