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Anyone able to identify which water pump I need? I am an idiot!

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I don't know why I can't figure this out! I just want to order the correct water pump for my 2000 ML320, and some were mentioning that a sure way to tell is if there is an oil cooler next to the oil filter. I don't notice one, but I only know what they look like on my Audi- so I could be looking right at it, and not even realize it. Any ways, I took some iPhone pictures of the area... can anyone tell me which one I have from these shots, or tell me where I should shoot to verify?

Thanks so much!


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Look at the diagram below. If your water pump has the nipple with a hose attached, you need #112 200 14 01. If you don't then it is #15 01. Move the top radiator hose and look for it with a flashlight.


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