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Are you sure you need to rebuild it? Often you only need the voltage regulator that screws into the back of it - ten minute job Costs under $40 usually. Can get that at any of the World Pac suppliers.


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Actually, no. The charging system is fine to the extent that the idiot light

on the dash isn't lit up. But, there is a racket coming from the belt driven accessories on my car in the region of where the alternator and secondary air pump are located. I can't really tell which one is responsible for the noise. Sounds more like bearing issues and could also be pully bearings I suppose. I figured I would start with the alternator. I don't know how many miles are on the current alternator, so I figured I would look at replacing the bearings. Then I figued I may as well do a whole rebuild (bearings, brushes, voltage regulator, and whatever) if I'm going to take it out.

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