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Anybody Have These Problems?

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I just bought a C43 with 67K from a mercedes dealer. I picked it up for 21,500. A good deal. It is starmarked, with Certified preowned warranty. However, the car had the following problems. Oil leak at valve covers. Bad MAF sensor. Bad speed sensor. Bad starter. I took it back and was kind of pissed, because the oil leak was in the back and very noticable. Due to the grime buildup, it was obvious it was going on for a while. I want them to go over the car again. They said NO. Does anyone know of any contacts for mercedes in Northern Calif, someone in a position of power who I can let know about this situation? ALSO, the back seats squeak when I go over bumps. Anybody have this problem, and if so, what can be done to fix it? I really love the car, and I want to keep it. I truly believe that this car will one day be considered a classic.
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take it back to the dealer, u should have merc warrenty and they should fix it. Here in australia any dealer has to put their own 30 day warrenty on any car sold, called a lemon law so buyers dont get riped of , eg a few years ago we had a flood, thousands of cars were sold thru auction yards as insurance companies wrote them off, these cars are still on the road today being sold as good cars, but they have a long list of problems u wouldnt sent to ur worst enemay, so get some legal advice on what u are covered for and go for it. or buy a mustang mate
which dealer did you buy the car from? try another dealer, it has the starmark warranty.
I took it back to a Mercedes Certified mechanic and ALL PROBLEMS WERE FIXED with no charge. I am happy now, but the squeek in a result of the back seats being able to fold down. Any way to minimize this noise? Any help appreciated.
vasolene or get a cheap hooker and eroitc oil LOL dont use WD40 as it will dry and squeek more.
You need to unlatch the backseats and then apply lubricant (WD40 or better yet grease or Silicone based lubricant) to the latches. The noise will go away. I remember having such problem.
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