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1984 300D (235,000 miles), 2001 E430 (78,100 miles)
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The connection points on the light switch are just simple screwed on crimped connectors. The reference numbers/letters are off of the wiring diagram, and are stamped on the lightswitch itself near the corresponding connection point.
The wires going in/out of the lightswitch are arranged in two concentric circular rows, i.e., there's one row of wires on the lightswitch around the outer edge of the back of the switch, there is another row of wires inside of the outer row. The one I used, marked "NSE" is on the inner circle of connections.
So basically, it's a cylinder with a whole bunch wires coming out the back.
There is no circuit as in "circuit board". All I did was change the source of power for one wire (obvious CYA note, proceed at your own risk, I don't make any guarantees).
21 - 21 of 21 Posts