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Any SLK32 w/ upgraded intercooler reservoir?

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I'm looking to make a custom tank to separate the intercooler system from the engine coolant system. Anyone done this that has pics or info on how they separated the two systems? Like: what hoses to move where, what ports to cap, etc. I can't even find a good diagram of the whole system... even that would be a help.

I've made a mock-up of the tank to have made out of aluminum. It holds apx. 1 gallon with the ability to fill with ice when I'm at the track.

I looked at the Code3Performance one, but it only fits the C32 engine bay... plus it's $430 and I think I can make a custom one a bit cheaper.

Any help is appreciated!
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Thanks! That's a good start. I didn't even think to hit the Crossfire forums...
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