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Any one got the specs?

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I can't seem to find the specs of my car on the net... it's a W124 E220

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
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Type: E 220
Name: E 220
Name: Mercedes-Benz type E 220
Short name: E 220
Model: W 124 E 22
Production: 07.93 - 06.96
Number produced altogether: 105.346 (since 05.92)
Comments concerning the production period: seit 09.95 nur noch ckd-Teiles„tze
Prices 05.93: 54.050,00 DM 03.94: 55.890,00 DM 08.94: 56.752,50 DM 05.95: 57.902,50 DM
Wheelbase: 2800 mm
Track rear/front: 1501/1491 mm ("Sportline": 1518/1509 mm)
Length: 4740 mm
Width: 1740 mm
Height: 1430 mm ("Sportline": 1411 mm)
Smallest turning circle: 11,27 m
Chassis weight: ==========
Max. total weight: 1940 kg
Max. front axle weight: 925 kg
Max. rear axle weight: 1015 kg
Max. load: 570 kg
Max. trailer weight braked: 1900 kg
Max. trailer weight unbraked: 720 kg
Weight empty: 1370 kg
According to guideline DIN 70020 (with fuel, spare wheel and tool equipment)
Operating method: four-stroke Otto (w/ manifold-injection and emission control device w/ three-way catalyst)
Configuration: front, parallel; upright
Type: M 111 E 22 / 111.960
No. of cylinder/configuration: 4 / in line; 15ř inclination to the right
Bore x stroke: 89,9 x 86,6 mm
Total displacement: 2199 ccm
Compression ratio: 10,0
Crankshaft bearing: 5
Output: 150 hp / 110 kW at 5500 /min
Maximum torque: 210 Nm at 4000 /min
No. of valves/configuration: 2 intake, 2 exhaust / V-shaped overhead
Valve operation: 2 top camshafts (intake camshaft adjustable)
Camshaft drive: duplex roller-type chain
Mixture formation: microprocessor-controlled injection system with hot-film air-mass sensor (HFM)
Cooling: water cooling / pump; 8,5 l water
Lubrication: pressure circulation lubrication / 5,8 l oil
Electric system: 12 V
Battery: 62 Ah / in the engine compartment
Dynamo: three-phase AC / 980 W
Starter motor: electrical / 1,4 kW
Ignition: ignition mapping control
Fuel tank: above the rear axle / 70 l
Fuel supply: electric supply pump
Driven whells: rear wheels
Power transmission: divided cardan shaft
Frame desing: self-supporting all-steel body
Wheel suspension front: triangle-wishbone / shock-absorber strut
Wheel suspension rear: multilink suspension, on demand with hydropneumatic level control
Suspension front: coil springs, torsion bar stabilizer
Suspension rear: coil springs, torsion bar type stabilizer
Damper: gas-pressure shock absorber struts / gas-pressure damper
Steering: ball-and-nut power steering
Steering transm ratio: 15,44:1 / 3 steering wheel turns
Braking system: braking system
Braking system: hydraulic dual-circuit braking system with vacuum-operated brake servo unit and antilock device; disc brakes front (intern. ventilated) and rear
Parking brake: parking brake
Parking brake: mechanical (foot-operated), effective on rear wheels
Diamatre brake discs: front / rear: 284 / 258 mm
Wheels: sheet steel-disc wheels, on demand light-alloy disc wheels
Wheels: rims 6 1/2 J x 15 H 2; for sports suspension: 7 J x 15 H 2
Tyres: 195/65 R 15 91 V; for sports suspension: 205/60 ZR 15

Gearbox 5-speed gear shift
Availability: Series
Shifting: Feed control
Clutch: Single-plate dry clutch
Type of gearbox: Pinion change gear
Synchromesh gears: I - V
Gear transmission: I. 3,91; II. 2,17; III. 1,37; IV. 1,0; V. 0,81; R. 4,27
Differential ratio: 3,67
Maximum speed: 210 km/h
Accelerations: 10,6 s
Comments: Acceleration with shifting through from 0 - 100 km/h; loaded with 2 persons
Fuel consumption: 6,6/8,2/11,7 l
acc. to guideline 80/1268/EWG; values for 90 km/h / 120 km/h / city cycle

Gearbox 4-speed autom. gear shift
Availability: by request
Shifting Switch lever: in car center
Clutch: hydr. torque converter in autom. gear
Type of gearbox: Planet gear
Synchromesh gears: ==========
Gear transmission: I. 4,25; II. 2,41; III. 1,49; IV. 1,0; R. 5,67
Differential ratio: 3,07
Maximum speed: 205 km/h
Accelerations: 10,6 s
Comments: Acceleration with shifting through from 0 - 100 km/h; loaded with 2 persons
Fuel consumption: 7,0/8,6/11,2 l
acc. to guideline 80/1268/EWG; values for 90 km/h / 120 km/h / city cycle

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Thanks a lot mate...
Been looking for those for ages.. I didn't expect them to be in such depth too once again, thanks

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