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Any help will be appreciated

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Hey Benz world. New guy to benzworld. I just bought a 2007 S550. Has about 37,000 miles. I'm having problems with my clock, headlamp switch, and the ESP button cluster. I read on previous threads that changing the clock has fixed this problem. So, I bought a clock on eBay, and still no luck. I also read that resetting the electronics battery would reset the PCM module could fix as well. Still no good. I checked all the fuses, except rear. I'm thinking about changing the head lamp switch. Could I gotten a bad clock from eBay? Anybody else dealt with this? Thanks in advance
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Welcome to the forum, 0521joe! I truly wish I had the answer, but you have already taken care of my first suspicion by replacing the clock. I hope some of our experts can help!
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