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mercedes 190 5-gear w201.023 engine 102.924 carburetooooooooooor
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Iam the proud owner of a 1987 190 (w201). I have spent the last few weeks chasing rust. Now that I got rid of it I'd like to stop the leaking rear lights. I do believe the epoxy primer will keep any rust away for a while, but why stop at that?

I have searched in here for any experience of using butyl tape/sealant to seal of the rear lights but can't find any relevant posts. In other forums however people seem to have had very positive results using butyl tape.
I am curious if anyone in here have tried this type of rear light sealing method, if so how did you go about applying the tape?

If no one answers I guess I'll let you know of my experience later on.


edit: I realized I posted this in the wrong forum secion. I am sorry about that and if someone is interesting in any answers to this post you can find a similar post int the w201 section
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