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Hi there peoples!

I am a new user and have pretty much exhausted all my google wizardry in trying to find a double din facia for my 2000 ML320 so I can use aftermarket stereos in the car. I have a double din head unit from a previous car, one of those one size fits all, all the bells and whistles sort of thing, ready to go in. I have all the right connections and I have connected it and make sure it worked before I started googling and it works famously. Only problem is that it doesnt have the right mounting clips for a Mercedes. Only one I have seen is from America and not sure I want to order it from there and have it show up and it not fix, then im out $80+. So do any aussies have any ideas or places where I can get one from? Already tried repco and autoparts but they only have c-class and m-class after 2005. Is this turning out to be more than a nightmare than what its worth? Or an easy fix?

Here is a link of the ONLY one I have found....

More than willing to provide more details if I have left something out.....

If this is not in the right place, I apologize.

Aussie In Distress....
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