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anxious to get my car

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I ordered my C300 with options 12/11/2014. My dealer emailed me it is nearing completion 3 weeks ago. I called customer service and figured they just started building my car. Is it normal time table or delayed? When I signed and put money, they said it will be here until mid Feb. But now they say it will be here second week of March. My question is.. they started building my car couple of days ago, I assume. How long does it take for them to finish and deliver? I am in St. Louis MO.
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I ordered my E class sedan on 12-23-2014 and in the dealer in Mobile, Alabama said it would come in March 2015. I ordered all the safety features on the car plus leather upholstery. According to the dealer there was not a single Mercedes anywhere in the USA that met my specifications. It seems that people are willing to pay for the flashy accessories but not so willing to pay for items like LED headlights and driver assistance packages (Distronic Plus).

I am getting tired of riding in my son's Chevy Malibu full of cheap plastic Mexican parts. Hopefully he will buy a Toyota next time.
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