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Hi all!

So late last night ( was frustrated and tired ), I posted this question in the WRONG forum! My track ball is also giving me grief, and I clicked on W221 instead of W220. Anyway, now I am in the right place I hope?

My new to me 2002 S430 (73K miles), came without the Navi disc. Finally got one yesterday, and not knowing any better, I put it into the slot (it didn't "suck" it in) by inserting it ever so deeper, hoping the "magic" will happen, and it will start to get sucked in.

Well, went all the way in, but it won't spin, and the unit is not making any sounds (all other functions work fine). It seems like the Navi portion of the unit doesn't get any electricity. Is that possible? When I push the Navi button, the screen says "Activating navigation please obey all traffic rules", and after about 20 seconds, it changes to "Navigation can not be activated, an error has occured".

Now I can't get the disc out (eject button doesn't produce ANY effect or sound", and I still have the Navi that doesn't work!

Is there a way to force the unit to eject? Is there a trick to get the disc out (short of disassembling the unit)? I have a hard time believing that the unit is shot after 73K miles, and I don't think that this is the isolated problem (my car only).

Any suggestions, comments, and/or experiences are welcome. :mad:
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