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As long as we're discussing trunks...
I've recently noticed a hissing sound coming from inside my trunk when I lock the car using my key fob. The location of the hissing is coming from under the trunk threshold (where the key lock is). There, underneath the grey trunk lining, one can find two units: One (with the actual key lock) which uses vacuum to pull the trunk shut, and the other unit, to the right (passanger's side) which locks the trunk and has a piston in it. It is THAT unit which I'm referring. It appears to have a crack in it (most likely from a rear-ending this past winter) I've checked the hose connections with snoop and found no bubbles.
I even subscribed to Alldatadiy (thanks Brett!) but still can't find the part number.
Does anyone know of the part number of the piston locking unit of which I'm refering?

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