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Steyr-Mannlicher also produces firearms, including the world famous Steyr AUG Military rifle and the Jeff Cooper designed Steyr Scout rifle.

Up until recently, Steyr had a U.S. importer in Alabama, which was GSI Inc.
Steyr recently decided to open Steyr Mannlicher USA and as a result of this, GSI Inc. could no longer carry the inventory of Steyr rifles and handguns.

CDNN Investments is one of the largest if not the largest gun wholesaler in the U.S.
99% of all gun shops buy direct from them. They purchased 8,000 of the Steyr handguns and are liquidating them below cost.
YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE PDF CATALOG TO SEE THE GUN DEALS. Link is here for catalog download:

The M and S series were originally $625+ guns retail and CDNN is selling them for $249 for the 9mm model. It is a he*l of a handgun, very, very tight, more accurate than equivalent Glock models and built better....The tolerances are very tight and they are gorgeous guns...It is like a G-wagen that shoots in terms of quality and robustness.
Much more Sig Sauer Switzerland like, or Heckler and Koch or Walther like than Glock in terms of quality. I own all of the above and I am still a big Glock fan, but I have no qualms about stating that the Steyr is a finer weapon.

They have 2 calibers available and in 2 frame sizes:
M = Medium Frame
S = Small frame
M9, S9 = 9mm choices
M40, S40 = .40 S&W choices

9mm has the tendency to be more accurate than .40SW for many shooters, because it has less recoil. At 25 yards, you can shoot 2.5-3.0 inch groups with the 9mm model and 5.0 inch groups with the .40SW model.
I prefer 9mm because it carries 14 rounds with Standard Capacity magazines, the ammo is available around the world and it costs me $10.00 for 100 rounds. .40SW is not common outside the U.S. and Western Europe, ammo is more expensive and I personally don't find it to be as accurate.
Sports Authority, Walmart, Academy Sports, Sportsmans Guide, etc...all have great deals on ammunition.

You can visit us on and you will also find some nice Steyr Puch G pictures as well.
Our old website that had a ton of info was

It is too god of a deal to pass up and I figured it would be of great interest to the Benzworld G community, especially for the outdoors types or someone looking for a SUPERB self defense firearm. It was designed by a police officer, for police officers. Wilhelm Bubbits (sp?) was the designer.

If/when you order, it needs to go to an FFL dealer (Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer), they can't ship it to your home legally.
Transfer fees and background check should not exceed $35. $5.00 background is the norm and you shouldn't spend more than $30 for the transfer fee.
You can go to and use your telephone area code to look up a transfer dealer in your area. CDNN can also recommend one. Shipping is only $10 for a handgun. They have tons of great firearms at rock bottom prices and are a bunch of good ol' Texas boys that run the firm and they are great to deal with. Would love to get some G-club guys over on our site which is 2 days old. Would love for you guys to add some pictures, too.

I have included a picture of my M9.
I bought 4 M9's I thought that highly of the gun and of the deal. Just wanted to share....



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Glock and Steyr are both Austrian arms makers.
I, as well as many, consider them to be Cousins.
Here is a comparison list just to give you an idea of the differences and benefits.

--steyr vs glock comparison--Top Thread where I found Glock's claims to fame:
Glock: Polymer frame
Steyr: Polymer frame

Glock: 3 Safeties, trigger, drop, firing pin
Steyr: 6 Safeties, trigger, drop, firing pin, manual safety, chamber loaded indicator, and storage safety.

Glock: Tenifer Finish
Steyr: Tenifer Finish

Glock: Low Bore Axis
Steyr: Even Lower Bore Axis
(Big help as to pointability and ease of pointing/natural-ness of pointing)

Glock: Plastic Sights
Steyr: Iron Sights - Trapezoidal for fast target acquisition. An industry first!

Glock: Glockmeister Trigger upgrade = extra $$$ to make the trigger decent
Steyr: GSI Free Trigger upgrade - Steyr handguns have superb triggers for really fast resets (less than 1/8") for fast double-taps. Almost as good as a Single Action custom 1911 .45 with trigger work...

Glock: 109 degree pointing angle
Steyr: 111 degree pointing angle
-Grip/Pointing angle is aided by the really low bore axis. Very similar pointing angle to WWII Luger/P38 pistols. This is a key design aspect to the gun and accounts for why the Steyr handguns have almost no recoil and muzzle filp!

Glock: Dot + Bar Sights
Steyr: Trapazoid + Triangle Sights

Glock: Austrian Heritage
Steyr: Longer Gun making Austrian Heritage...Steyr has been making firearms since the 17th century!

Glock: Can't shoot lead bullets
Steyr: Can shoot lead bullets

Glock: Unsupported Chamber in the .40's
Steyr: Fully Supported Chambers in the .40's
(Glock models with unsupported chambers have been known to go BOOM! and blow up in some cases...) Much less likely with a fully supported chamber.
Glock has had more of a proble with this in the .40SW line, which was based on their 9mm models. 9mm Glock models don't have this problem, because they have fully supported chambers.

.357SIG models are also available, as well as barrel conversions to convert your gun to 9mm/.40SW and .357SIG. .357SIG is what Secret Service is carrying currently. The M40 allows one to switch between all 3 calibers by only changing the barrel and magazine.
The M9 can be switched between all of the calbers, but will need the barrel, slide and magazine to be changed.


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In case folks don't see the connection, Steyr-Daimler-Puch, now known as MagnaSteyr, is the company that makes our beloved G's. Obviously, there's more to this company than just great vehicles.

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As long as we are voicing opinions about guns........I have a few to add.

I don't think that the 9mm round is an adequate self defense round PERIOD. You had better have 14+ rounds, you will need them. Most US PD's are moving away from the 9 in favor of the tried and true .45 ACP. Slow and small is how I would catagorize the 9mm round, great for plinking, not much in terms of a threat stopper. I also wouldn't consider 3-5" groups at 25 yds much for accuracy either. Not sure if it is the round (not likely) or the firearm, but personally, I do not find that impressive in the least. The only terms that seem to fit both the likes of the G-wagen and a Glock would be big, blocky, crude and effective. I can not imagine trying to get used to the awful trigger pull of a Glock or any other pistol patterned after it. I am sure the Steyr pistols are fine weapons. For me however, I much prefer the accuracy, power, light trigger and slim profile of AMERICAS favorite gun the 1911 .45 . In fact I happen to dislike the euro type pistols so much I prefer to carry a good old american revolver if for some reason the .45 isn't the right choice for the situation. That brings up the back country. I pity your soul should you ever shoot a bear with something like a 9mm or a 40 S&W. That is going to be one angry mother after you poke at it like that[B)] The .357 mag is marginal in that case. I'm hoping to pick up a nice 4" barreled Colt Anoconda (.44 mag) for back country carry. Just looking to justify it to my wife at this point, my gun training classes seem to be cutting into the gun buying budget.
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