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New user, but I've been reading on this forum for about a month now. A little boring stuff about me:

I'm 40 yrs old and have lived primarily in KY all my life. I've driven full sized 4x4 Chevy trucks for just about all my life, as my work requires it. If I had a car as well, it was usually a higher MPG beater of some sort.

After some lower back problems and the dread of driving anywhere in anything I owned, I looked into the Cadillac CTS, BMW 740iL, and the Mercedes S series. I found a 2000 Mercedes S500 "V" (three inches longer behind the B pillar I'm told) that seemed to suit my price range.

I've put about 3500 miles on it so far, and am absolutely enthused about driving again. I have had to do a little work to it so far, but by no means much. I am mechanically inclined and not well off enough to have the dealer service hardly anything, so I am not afraid to take stuff apart. :)

I repaired the blower motor ($790 dealer part cost) by locating a connection in the plug that had gotten hot and melted the plastic a little.

The headlights had a flicker and the dash was giving a "R lowbeam" message. Upon investigation I found an aftermarket HID low beam kit installation, and the wiring was savagely attacked and lazily accomplished. I cut it all out and rewired the low beam HID install.

Replaced interior bulbs with LED white, just for kicks.

Replaced what appeared to be original air filters and changed the oil.


However, I still have one problem that persists, and I will post another thread in the appropriate forum. In a nutshell, the auto climate control will never equilibriate between driver and passenger sides. With both sides set to the same temp, the cores will warm up together, but when they need to both level off, one side goes to 60C and the other goes to 10C. It's not always the same side, either. I won't post the diagnostics here, but just wanted to mention it. It's the last thing that would keep me from a long road trip, and I have one coming up soon!

Thanks for reading, glad to be here.


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