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A very recent email exchange reminded me that I had bought parts from Jim Ince of EuroTech Services International some years ago (around 1998) for my 1986 280GE. At the time, they did not maintain much of a stock level for reasons that will be obvious in the info below.

I'll still try and purchase parts from Europa if only for access to their mechanical expertise, but I am always interested in a "sharp pencil" deal so for those interested, here is a copy of a recent offline fax exchange.

Yes we do still specialize in G-wagen parts, especially the 460, though
all types are supported here at EuroTech.

Some years ago, when Europa stopped buying all of their parts from us,
we slowly pulled out of the G-Wagen parts arena. We continued to
handle the parts for old customers, but didn't really try to get new
ones. Also, our lag times and general level of parts service was not
as good on G-Wagens as it had been previously. With current
developments, it appears that we should resume our full support of this
fine vehicle, and already have the up-to-date parts technical
literature and factory sourcing in place to do so. We also maintain
parts inventory on commonly needed items, and would be willing to
expand this level of stocking to meet new demand.

Please consider this our offer to again take up the role as a leading
source for G-Wagen parts in North America. Thank you for your interest
in ESI.


Jim Ince
EuroTech Services International
(541) 837-3636 Fax: (541) 837-3737

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I too have ordered from Jim in the past for my 460 and his prices were good but the time lag a bit long. I am happy to see him getting back into the game - the more the merrier and he will make a great West Coast source.

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JR Brown,

Thank you for this connection. Nice to see something this close - within the Pacific Northwest US. I think Dai has talked about this source in the past. Yes, more is better.

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