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Another Newbie Question...this time it's wiring!

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Hello again.

I've been having a problem with the wiring in my car. My radio, center console lights and dome light do not turn on unless the car is running and the door is open. The dome light doesn't come on when the door is open, car shut off. Is something crossed? It doesn't sound like a fuse since those things turn on when the car's running and the door is opened.

Thanks again...everyone on here has been very friendly and helpful.
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dave420 said:
We will need info on your car to help...


Sorry about that. It's an 89 300 SE. I have an after market stereo in there. I've had the problem before, but everything turned back on after a few minutes. So far it's been almost a week. Also, I forgot to mention; the plastic mounting that keeps the passenger visor mounted broke off, so now there's no visor. Could that have something to do with why this problem has been permanent, since there's the light with the mirror?
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