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Another funky CD player problem

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A couple weeks back I posted about a CD player I hooked up, it would display the time but not turn on or play music. I was going to look into it but havent had time. Well today while I was sitting in the car with the car on the CD player started functioning out of nowhere and continued until I opened the ash tray to put some coins in it. Once I opened the ash tray it just shut off on me. Anyone have an idea what that might be? I cant get the thing to turn back on now. Is there a wire behind there that the the ash tray could be messing with?
I might pull all that out tomorrow morning, but I was looking for some idea of what to look for back there.
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Check the radio fuse first, if ok, then I would assume you have a bad ground connection somewhere, or worst case the deck isin't functioning too well...
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