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Another 026 car for Steve's Registry

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Here you go Steve,

Number 142 in Poland.... - MERCEDES-BENZ 500 450 SLC 5.0 0 Rok 1978
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Also, you should be able to contact the owner of #255 through here:
I own a 1978 450 SLC 5.0 and am in the process of restoring it. - JustAnswer
1085 appears to be mentioned here... along with 472
Scott – For your database… [Archive] - Mercedes-Benz Club of America Forums

And 440 appears to be mentioned here... but I guess you already know about these 3.

New to Forum - Page 2 - Mercedes-Benz Club of America Forums
Here is number 699

Sun Auto Project PARTS
And don't for get that 836 is the privately owned factory rally car....
No problem.

I'm chasing info for my own purposes, and cross referencing with the registry any time I come across a VIN.

I'm sorry if in the process I tell you things you already know...
Okay, sorry Steve, but this one is inforgivable... given the amount of talk about 1071 over the last few years (some of it by you), and the number of times it has been up for sale, I'm sure there is a good reason you don't have it on the regisrty? hmmm? ;)

1980 Mercedes-Benz SL Class (R107 / W107) for sale: Anamera

5.0 on Ebay [Archive] - Mercedes-Benz Club of America Forums
Number 1082 sold for GBP42,000 in 2001!

But I don't know any more about it than that:

Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC 5 l (1979) - Motorbase
1193 was up for sale in Nov 2004, Estimate was EUR8000-9000

I don't think it sold.

Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC 5.0 L - LandRoverbase : Catalogue de la vente MERCEDES 450 SLC 5.0 L - 1979
Number 1209 sold at auction in Salzburg, Austria, in 2007 for EUR11,000

Dorotheum - MERCEDES-BENZ 450 SLC 5.0
Number 1211 is in the US, it was auctioned near Seattle in 2002 (scroll down to lot 1281, it's incorrectly listed as a 500SLC).

2002 Past Auction: Oct 26 Kenmore Auction Catalog #4
Number 1336 is in Florida (or was, at least), Another own who doesn't have his facts straight though? How does he think there were only 960 (maybe he's getting confused with the engine type, 117.960??) made when his is number 1336??

Apparently it's an AMG. He says the only one left, but he also appears to have no clue about these cars, so hmmm, grain of salt anyone?

1980 Mercedes Benz 450 for sale in Sebastian - Sebastian - Cars

Car, 1980 Mercedes Benz 450 for sale in Sebastian, Florida

Free Classifieds - 1980 Mercedes Benz 450 For Sale at

Used 1980 Mercedes Benz 450 For Sale at One Stop Motors - 1980 Mercedes Benz 450 : Great Deal on this Preowned 1980 Mercedes Benz 450 for Sale at OneStopMotors
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Hate to be dumb, but who is Steve and what is the Registry?
Steve Guilford keeps the registry of the 107026 (450SLC 5.0 and 500SLC) cars. here: Mercedes 5.0/500 SLC Rally Car Registry

I believe Scott Saenger started this registry when he was still with us.

Steve, it looks like Scott knew about 1630... ( checking in with #1630 - Mercedes-Benz Club of America Forums ) but it's not on the Registry. To save me looking silly, are you putting all the cars you know about on there, or are you verifying certain details first??

#'s 625 (albeit with a '0' missing) and 2094 are both mentioned here:

Sternzeit 107 Klimaanlage zu 500slc jg 80

Thanks for doing all of this digging. I knew about 1071 - I must have spaced out when it came to adding it to the registry. Maybe I should not have wasted so many brain cells seeing the Grateful Dead !!!

I'm not really requiring any 'verification' before I add a car to the registry other than ascertaining whether the car is in fact an 026 model. The condition of the car is based upon the owner's statements unless I have actually seen the car.

I started and have always maintained the VIN number registry. Scott compiled a database of model options, paint colors, parts etc. etc. Supposedly I have all of that data amongst the stuff I got from the Saenger estate but I have yet to go through everything.

Just got back in town. I'll update the registry tomorrow morning.

Thanks again. We'll have to get you a car some time soon.
One day Steve I'll have me one.

If I'd not already booked my trip to Europe last northern summer I would have bought the last 2 of Scott's and had them shipped down here.

I'm surprised you've not commented on the GBP42,000 that 1082 sold for!

I've got a few magazine articles from 1978 and 1979 with reviews of the 5.0's in the post to me at the moment, so when they get here I'll scan them for you and email them. Although I'm sure you may already have them.

And OMG, 2335 is listed right here on Benzworld...

With very, very few miles on it!
An absolute pleasure mate.

On a side note, google breaks if you search a lot of VIN numbers really quickly.

All IP addresses at my work were blocked from google searches for a few hours (at a global investment bank). Oops.

Google thought I was a bot, but I guess 200 searches in under 3 minutes (x14) will do that.
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