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No amount of adjusting the angle of the mirror will fix the rattle.. sometimes it is so annoying that you drive around with your hand on the mirror on rough roads. know the feeling :)

Before you start to remove the mirror out try one last thing trust me the process of removing the mirror is not a pleasant experience.

Pull down gently on the black dimming button and see if it fixes the rattle. this button is generally turned left or right to dip the mirror. I found after opening the mirror that this could be loose or could be tightened by pulling it down a little...I mean gentle folks otherwise you could have the mirror in your hands.

okay you tried that and it didn't work then it is time to take it down.

There is a cover below the lights that needs to come off. I couldn't find a proper way to take if off. I believe it slides off toward the back, don't take my word for it as I wedged it out in anger after fiddling with it for sometime trying not to break the plastic. ( this was later glued back on)

once the cover comes off, locate the electric plug and disconnect it.
next get a really big flat screw driver and insert it between the crack shown in the picture and turn it in a way you are pull the mirror base away from the car.

The whole purpose off this is not to touch the mirror compartment or exert any pressure on it as it will break off from its structure and become useless. so be extra careful to pry off the mirror base from the car without touching the mirror.

if you do it right you should have the mirror in your hand.
remove the bottom cover attached to the mirror casing first. it is the small box at the bottom of the mirror casing that has the lights for infrared locking etc .
remove the back cover of mirror by pressing in just before the corners to release the clips this should come off.

you will break plastic no matter how hard you try not to, don't worry there are so many good glues in the market to wipe your tears. I can't understand why they couldn't just put screws in. its not like there were trying to save weight on these beasts.

the insides are pretty simple, atleast on mine as it doesn't have fancy auto dimming or electric adjustment of the mirror itself.

pull the two metal springs and bend them back so there is more resistance against the mirror and slip them back in.

the rest put them back as you go but use a bit of windscreen sealant on loose bits inside that has play between plastic housing. it helps keeping all the parts in check.

Push the mirror assembly from the base into car, use a couple of drops of oil on the mirror spring ends that comes into contact with the base of the car it makes it easier to push it in to lock in place.

put the covers back on and use glue where you might have broken clips

No More rattles !!!!



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