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Hi Folks

I recently bought a mercedes cd220SE 004 W203 estate. On friday i jet washed the car and decided to open up the hood and pressure wash some of the crap off round the radiator and front of the engine (a stupid mistake i now know!! ). I left the plastic cover on engine not to get any water in the engine itself.

Since then i've been hearing an annoying and permanent rotational knocking noise when the car is moving - either in neutral, in gear and even when the engine is off.

The frequency of the knocking noise increases as the speed increases and the reduces when slowing down. It seems like its coming from the driveshaft/transmission area but its hard to tell in the cabin.

The type/speed of rotational noise suggests its not the tyres or bearings - i've jacked up each wheel and spun them to confirm this. I've checked for loose parts and everything seems fine.

My guess is that high pressure water may have got into something or pushed some debris into the transmission area. We had a storm a few days ago and some leafy bits/small twigs may have got under the hood.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly
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