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Hi Guys,

Thought I'd defect from W220 to Skylaws territory for this one :grin

My car is a W220 Pre - Facelift WITHOUT BOSE Amplifier option, and DOES NOT have the old Analogue TV Module option.

Head Unit Install is therefore a lot easier as the CAN and Speaker Wiring is all on the Plug to my Existing COMAND :grin

Disclaimer:- :big laugh:

I have read many Threads and Encyclopaedic articles, I have also searched for non Chinese Antennas without success :grin :devil
None specifically answer my questions, well there's only 4 at this stage :big laugh:


Mechanical and Bodywork restoration will soon be finished.

Then I will be opening the big box in my Workshop loft, to commence installing a complete Multimedia System, based around an Erisin Android Head Unit.
I will be removing the Front Seats and Carpets, probably Centre Console to do a decent Install job, and will be running all Cables etc through the Floor Trunking, exiting as per the Factory stuff at the relevant locations.

This system will have 2 DVD Player / Monitor Headrests connected to it.
I will need to strip the Back off the Seats and then fabricate new Headrest Poles to run the Cables nicely, down inside the Seats and under to the Floor where the Seat Module Cables come through. Poles will be Fabricated with already Sourced hollow Stainless tube and integrate / fix properly with the Headrest Motor Mechanism inside the Seats. Much nicer than the shoddy poles which came with the Headrests, they are "Universal Poles" read "trash" and are the wrong shape for the Headrests to sit at the correct angle.
No Problem, I've had many a Mercedes Seat apart and done much Fabrication work :wink

There will also be Dash Camera, *Reverse Camera*, *DVB TV* *DAB Radio*, Internet Dongle and TPMS hooked up to the Erisin.


Remember, I know nothing about Signal Frequencies, Bands etc, nor intricate workings of Electronic Circuits, so I don't have a clue whether I can use the (probably superior) Antenna systems that MB fitted to my Car :wink

1) Would I be correct in thinking that the Erisin will "know" when the Car is in Reverse, and thus switch the screen to Reverse Camera, by signal from CAN Bus, or will I have to connect the separate lead on the back of the Unit to Reverse Light Bulb Circuit ?????????????????

I know nothing about Signal Frequencies, Bands etc, so I don't have a clue whether I can use the (probably superior) Antenna systems that MB fitted to my Car, or if I need to use the Chinese stuff that came with the Kits, or are there better ones available, if so a link would help :wink


2) Satellite Antenna........... I assume I can use the Cars existing antenna cable, (Shark Fin ??) which is currently connected to COMAND Nav Processor behind the HU, as the plug is the same on Erisin, thus not needing to fit the Antenna contained in my Kit ???????????????

3) United Kingdom DVB TV, is there any way I can hook this up to one of the Antennas in the Rear Screen, presumably post Antenna Amplifier, if so which / where is Plug ??????????????
If not, I plan to locate the 2 Antennas within the DVB TV Kit behind the Rear Plastic Bumper Cover, hopefully I will get a decent signal :dunno: I am certainly not going to fit them on the Roof of the Car :frown

4) United Kingdom DAB Radio, same question, can this be hooked into any existing Antenna, if so which plug and where to find it ???????????
Or do I have to use the horrible stick on "Windscreen Wart" Antenna in the DAB Kit ????????????

I do have a "Spare Antenna Plug" not connected to my COMAND behind it, nowhere to plug it into COMAND, which is working perfectly ATM anyone know what this is for????????
Could it be used to connect to DVB TV Box or DAB Radio Box ?????????????

Piccies of Modules below

Thanks in Advance,

Regards Dave


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Well in the absence of any answers I have done a few hours more digging on t' 'net :grin

Firstly, the rear mounted Reverse Camera will be switched on / off at the rear end of the Car by a signal from the Reverse Bulbs.
The HU however will know that the Car is in Reverse via CAN Bus, so no need to connect the wire at HU to Reverse Bulb.
Although the particular Erisin I have is specific to MB W220 / C215, the circuit boards are Generic and therefore these wires are provided on these HU's for when they are installed in lesser NON CAN Bus Cars this also applies to HU "wake up" signal etc :wink
However, as I'm fitting TPMS Module, the TPMS is wired to the "Reverse Camera + lead" on the HU, and the Reverse Camera Video Feed goes through the TPMS Module thus Reverse Picture comes up on the HU when Reverse Gear is selected, TPMS Module switches off its Video Signal when it detects input from Reverse Camera. TPMS only alerts on the HU Screen when a Tyre is going low / high pressure, at which time the HU is signalled from TPMS Module via the "Reverse Cam" +ve lead.
The TPMS info can of course be displayed manually from a menu option on HU.

Next, Aerials, Antennas etc etc OMG what a complex subject this is, or not :laugh

All W220 Rear Screens have (not counting the Shark Fin which does Phone and GPS), 3 built in Antennas, which are Amplified via the Amp under the Rear Headlining at the Top Edge of the Rear Screen..........
Yeah, Yeah, we all knew that :wink

I have checked my Rear Screen, and there is all 3 Antennas...............

Ant 1 = FM, Radio Central Locking and TV, so that obviously works on the FM / V/UHF Bands.

Ant 2 = AM Radio

Ant 3 = DAB, but was apparantly only actually used on German models.

I then read an excellent article on DVB TV and DAB Radio Antennas, which was written by a Professional Audio / TV Antenna Installer, who also does move-able installs on Boats / Caravans etc.

Took a lot of digesting, tons of info, etc etc and I still don't profess to understand half of it :big laugh: ............ but ...........

I now have a far better understanding of what can do what :grin

I am going to use the word should from now on, because as we all know, it ain't over "until the fat chick has sung" :laugh

The GPS / NAV should work fine from the OEM Shark Fin.
If I want an Excellent Mobile Phone reception, I'd be best off to use a decent Phone Cradle connected to my OEM MB Antenna which is already wired to the Centre Console, (I am currently using Viseeo / COMAND which works perfectly).
So that should be fairly easy then, once phone is plugged to the Cradle I simply Bluetooth link it to the HU :grin

So we are now looking at will the DAB Radio, and DVB TV work with the MB Antennas :confused:

Here's what I know so far..............

Regarding the "Cheap Chinese" Antenna's that come with the Module Boxes, at best they work in "good signal" areas, at worst they are useless ........... No surprises there then :devil

In fact, in the other guys own words, we would often be better off using a wire coat hanger or soldering a bit of Co/ax to some tin foil and sticking it in a plastic box :grin

This means there is a good chance that the OEM Antennas, (1 and 3 above), should most likely work better than the ones from the DAB and DVB Kits, with one caveat, the DVB TV and DAB Radio Modules may not like the Amplified Signal, won't know until I try it, but if that is the case, a simple plug in line "attenuator??" will take the signal down a notch, then maybe it should work ?? :grin

The spare Coax with Plug I spoke of that is behind my COMAND and has nowhere on COMAND to plug in has exactly the same plug as my DAB Radio Module so there's a starting point, I will try and trace that through the Car when Seats and Carpets are out :wink

Should all the above work, it will only leave me with the task of "teeing" into the FM Coax and see if the DVB TV will be happy with that one :rolleyes:

If it is, then I will certainly be a happy bunny, not having to hide a whole bunch of possibly inefficient Chinese Antennae all round my car :grin

Below is a pic of 2 Cables coming from the Rear that are connected on a mount on the Right Side Panel behind the Trunk Lining above Battery area. Can anyone tell me what Antenna(s) these 2 relate to ?????????????

Cheers for now,



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Let's go
1. You already know is yes
2. As above yes
3.The MB digital turner uses the same antenna as the analogue tuner, so yes
4.Use the antenna plug from the comand with an adapter. (DIN adapter as you have an ISO plug)

Sorry I can't help with that cable. What is the part number on it?
As for the spare plug behind the comand, got a pic of it?
@Ex-Fed might be of help for this.

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Hi Dean,

Your a star :smile

There are 2 separate Leads in that Antenna Plug Bracket in my Trunk, and 2 wires head up towards the Antennas / Antenna Amp, then they join at that bracket via connectors into 2 more Coax's, and these head off behind Rear Seat Back, and on into the Car.

There is only one of the leads has a p/n on it which is A 220 820 14 75 :wink

The "spare" plug is the same plug, (except it's a 90 right angle) as the plug on DAB in the piccie above :wink
If this works with the DAB, as I suspect it will, then I only need to T the FM / AM "Radio" Aerial Plug to feed AM / FM on the HU and also feed DVB Box :wink

Your 3 yes's above concur with the way I understood what the Aerial Guy was saying in his extensive write up, which basically, (in a nutshell), says that FM DAB and DVB can all run off the same Antenna, with no problems except in the worst signal areas, when you will get problems with the cheap ones anyways :rolleyes:

I discovered this kind of thing years ago when I lived in a bad signal area for the FM Tuner on my Hi Fi, and I tried a TV Aerial socket and got great FM Sound Quality.
In later years when DVB TV came out and I lived in England I successfully got DVB with a regular TV Aerial :grin

Of course now in Scotland we use Satellite for regular "free view" TV and KODI via the 'net for Films and TV Box Sets :grin

It is these experiences that lead me to believe this will work in the Car too, and therefore no real need for all these silly "Fancy" Chinese Antennas, which are as the Aerial Guy said "basically [email protected]" :laugh

The only other thing the Aerial Guy said was that in some areas with boosted 4G it can upset DVB a little, but again that will happen with cheapo Antennas as well :wink

Edit :-

I wouldn't buy this one, but there are loads of this type of stuff around, with various connector plugs etc which should make life relatively easy to supply the various signals :wink

Cheers for now,


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Hi again,

I settled on buying one of these, may not actually use it on the final install, but it was cheap and will be good for testing out and seeing if "the fat bird sings" :laugh

Cheers for now,


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Hey Dave that part number returns "Antenna - Navigation or CTEL".

The antenna for the TV tuner is on the front left side of the trunk.

I have just looked up the website for the Erisin units and see why you need the antenna splitter. The TV antennas may take a bit of work from you to run them back to the trunk for connection to the cars antenna, but would be worth it. The attached is the location of the factory TV tuner(80) for your reference to find the antenna. If you car has code 862 you will have some of the cables in the trunk to help you with the install.

Good luck with it all.


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Hi Dean,

Thanks for that.

So the 2 totally separate connections on the Right Side will be the 'part numbered one' is from Shark Fin and that will split somewhere in Car, probably under Centre Console IIRC, and then goes to NAV and Phone :wink

The other one will be from the FM, TV and Central Locking Antenna going to the COMAND Radio Aerial input, but this must also carry the C/L Signal to somewhere and maybe the AM signal ?? If this is the case then the AM and FM Screen Antennas must link up in the Aerial Amplifier or shortly after ?? ..............
Actually, I'm not sure if COMAND even had AM LOL don't remember ever trying it :wink

My Car doesn't have 862 and I just looked left side rear, (it is still all stripped out from that little bit of welding), there is no TV Antenna Cables.

So, not sure what the "spare" one is from, but will try that in DAB Box first as it has the correct plug :grin.
Should that work, then I'll try Teeing the COMAND Antenna and feeding the FM at HU and off to the TV Box, see if that works.

It may be there is another output or 2 at the Antenna Amplifier under the Headlining, so if the DAB and DVB doesn't work like this I'll maybe have to run the DAB and TV Coax's up to there.

I'm going to look at the WIS Wiring after I've finished Schutzing today, see if cables from Antenna Amplifier join, or are 3 separate outputs :wink
(We know the Shark fin is separate and will work as planned).
I'm pretty confident DAB and FM will work OK, which is good.

The TV is not so important to me, I will only be using it, (as I do in my V Class), in good signal areas, like when waiting outside Hospital in Inverness for the "Oldies", or when on visits down South and they have commandeered the TV wherever we are staying to watch their "WW II films" :devil

So worst case for TV will be a couple of good quality Car DVB Aerials mounted behind the Plastic Rear Bumper Cover, which was my original plan anyway and I already have the correct Cables to achieve that :grin

So one last Q for now, the DVB TV Box came with 2 Antenna's and 2 Antenna Input Sockets, (see pic above). This is called "Diversity" I believe................. My Gigging PA Radio Mics use "Diversity".
Presumably this will work OK with 1 decent Aerial, split and feeding both Sockets ??

Cheers for now,


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It should work with just 1 antenna, but will work better with 2 separate antenna. I'd try with just 1 first and then use a splitter if needed.

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Good morning, Day late ( or a bit more ) but i have some previoulsy posted stuff that would help Dave. Then discovered I had been bit by the Photobucket third party change and all the pics need to be moved, re-tagged/uploaded to here. Will work on that over the next few days.

Quick and dirty verbal. the splitter on the right side of the trunk ( boot for you UK types ) is fed ( on the single input side ) from the GPS portion of the "sharkfin". Its splits GPS info into 2 paths, 1 to the Nav Unit and the other to the TELE-AID module if so equipped. If you should have an impact severe enough to trigger an airbag. The TELE-AID module would have taken your GPS location and appended it to the emergency call it would auto dial over cellular.

Have you seen this?? .. I know you have posted a comment at the end, but this is the first post and MAY have something you can use. Fully understanding yours is a pre facelift

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Hi Dean, Cheers, that's how I see it :wink

Hi Richard,

Hope all is going well with you.
Good to have you on board at the party :grin

Yes I've seen the Thread in it's entirety, along with a load of others about fitting Erisin etc :wink
Also the excellent article about the Rear Screen Antennas in the Encyclopaedia.
No Tele Aid in my car, but it currently has CTel Motorola, I'm currently using a Viseeo Blutooth Puck.
There is a Cell Phone Aerial connected to the Centre Console :wink

This raises another question...........

Neither my Android Phone or my Samsung have Cradle Ports, does the Bluetooth Puck up the Phone Signal, or am I simply working from my Phone's Antenna inside the Car ??
I certainly seem to get better reception in our "bad" areas when in the Car :dunno:

It would be great to see the pics you speak of, and if it's easier for you you can email them to me ????

I've also come to the conclusion, from reading various stuff, that a lot of guys haven't a clue how to wire and configure these Androids correctly, so whilst they work, the owners are not getting the best they could :wink
A lot of this is the fault of the Manufacturers, they produce a good product, but the "instructions" are poorly translated and pretty useless.

When I have had spare time, I've had all the parts and wiring all over the desk here, and worked out 95% of the correct wiring.
I'd far rather use the MB Antennas where I can, as they will be superior to the ones in the add on kits, hence this thread, which when concluded will hopefully be a useful resource :smile

Nothing so far, until this thread has cleared up my nagging concerns and desires, but at the end of the day, I'll have to "suck and see" a lot of it, I think the MB Antennas will all be fine for everything, except maybe the DVB TV, but if they aren't suitable for that I have plan b & plan c :wink

I really must study the WIS Wiring Diagrams before embarking on the Install, I'm sure they will clear up a lot of my confusion, just "flat oot" fitting back all the bits removed from the Undersealing Saga atm.

Cheers for now,


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Starting to work on the pics Dave. Cant sit long though. 835 miles yesterday in 13 hours and I am paying dearly for that today :) Oh..PS.. averaged 71.2 MPH for 11h 40'ish min driving time over 13H clock time and 25.1 MPG. Oh yeah, BIG fan of the S Class!

Took a better look at your splitter. It appears you do not have TELE-AID as in NA. That splitter should be the break point for the 2 leads from the sharkfin, 1 cell phone the other GPS. I believe the bottom one is GPS and should run across the back of the boot to the stack on the left side and the NAV Unit. The other will disappear under the back seat and eventually go to center console.

Am running into a huge problem with a 10 pic limit on posts, The Post I made for a cheap 1GPS replacement antenna has about 20 pics. Cant slide another post into the sequence so am pondering another way... I would normally just pony up the $$ to enable third party sharing on Photobucket but those pirates want 300 USD a year !

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More or less shows an $11 active GPS antenna replacement that I did when my shark fin died. These little gems are also available for XMS radio. Totally clueless on EU DAB / TV stuff. The takeaway I wanted to get across was .. Dont spit on the El Cheapo Chinese antennas. They work and work well. Plus a few install ideas for them.

Sorry about the ATTCHEMENT being a link after pic 10 but thats the only way I could get the entire post back in the one available segment.

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Thanks for that Richard.

I have read that article before, and that would be an excellent place to mount the DAB Radio "Windscreen Wart" if I have to :wink

Thing is, I have a perfectly good working Antenna System on my W220 Rear Screen, and the Antenna Amplifier is also working perfectly, plus I have a spare Antenna Amplifier if I ever need one :wink

I would rather use as many of my existing Antennas as possible first, that's plan A :wink

Simple fact seems to be that no - one else has tried this, or will share with me whether it works well or not :wink

If anything (prob either DAB+ Radio or DVB TV) will not work satisfactorily I will then start on plan B which will involve testing out the relevant Chinese, or perhaps some better quality, Antennas in various locations, until I get stuff to work satisfactorily :wink

The DVB and DAB will be a pain in the butt, because I live in an atrocious, (read non existent) Signal Area, so I will have to drive the Car some 30 odd miles with at least the Trunk Panels and Back Seat removed, in order to carry out testing experiments :rolleyes:

That's why I have decided not to fit it all until the Car has been Resprayed, and is ready for the road, last part of the project :wink
Also I know what paint shops are like for getting dust everywhere, so I'll be better off not having a brand new HU filled up with dust :wink

Cheers for now, Dave

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Hi Dave,

It sounds like you have the Erisin head unit wiring figured out! I hope you get the end result with antennas that you are looking for.

Late December 2016 I purchased an Erisin head unit and have yet to get it wired in so everything works.
I've had months of emails back and forth with their customer support and they have basically told me they have no clue how to connect their head unit to my car, even though they advertised it being compatible. I think it is.

My car is a 2004 Mercedes S-430 VIN: WDBNG70J64A412537
Connections to the original COMAND unit are the 2 Fiber Optic cables and the 3 copper wires:
- Red/Yellow = B+12vdc
- Brown = Chassis Ground
- Blue/Black = MOST Wake-up

The Fiber Optic cables connected to the Decoder Box easily and the audio works nicely through the Bose factory system.
The FM and GPS antennas are connected to the factory installed antennas in the truck and seem to work well.
Bluetooth automatically connects my phone, which is really nice.
I am not doing the DVB TV or DAB Radio here in the US.

I still have not been able to get the steering wheel controls and the backup camera to function as designed.
As you seem to have gotten those items to function with your setup and you said you've "worked out 95% of the correct wiring", will you please share:

1.) How did you connect into the the Can-Bus system?
2.) How you connected the ACC wire? Did you connect to the MOST Wake-up, cigarette lighter, or somewhere else?
3.) Did you connect the MOST Wake-up wire to ANYTHING?

I am assuming once I have these items resolved, my steering wheel controls will work along with my backup camera.

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